Conference Assets

Conference related pieces with the purpose to inform or inspire interaction.

Lakefield Veterinary Group

A family-owned, veterinary hospital acquisition company


Print Design, Theme Design, Signage


Create directional and interactive graphics for conference assets

2022 Annual Leadership Conference

Lakefield Veterinary Group's 2022 Annual Leadership Conference put its focus on commemorating their hospital teams. Through vector graphics, photography, and a fun color palette, the assets reinforce the theme, "Celebrating Connections."

The initial announcement graphic used for email communications displayed the new, 2022 annual conference logo, which would be the precident theme for all corporate materials created during that year.


Instructional posters placed throughout the convention center. The graphics are upbeat, yet informative.


Hospitals within the Lakefield network were nominated for prizes and sent celebration boxes filled with party decor to decorate their hospital and celebrate with their team.


Lakefield, alongside its vendor partner, Merck, hosted a Run for Rabies event to eliminate rabies - one vaccine at a time. I managed the run route and created directional signs to guide the participants taking part in the activity.


Fun, canvas swag bags were handed out to the attendees for vendor night.


2020 Annual Leadership Conference

The Lakefield Annual Leadership Conference of 2020 featured interactive large format pieces allowing the attendees to sign, color, and answer questions.

The Lakefield hospital network spans across the United States with a focus on a variety of regions. Large state shaped signature boards with icons resembling their respective native flora and fauna were provided for attendees to autograph.


An accordian fold color wall encouraged attendee creativity. The custom, vector cityscape supplied structure for participants to take a break from the conference activities to reenergize.