Dental Campaign

A series of print collateral to increase client and staff awareness of pet dental health. The campaign included a poster to track the hospital team's efforts in dental cleanings in a company-wide competition. Modest elements and colors help convey important dental facts inside the brochures. In the same aspect, the bright colors of the poster entice the veterinary teams to track their hospital's dental cleanings.

Lakefield Veterinary Group

A family-owned, veterinary hospital acquisition company


Print Design, Brochure, Marketing Collateral


Increase clients' awareness of dental health in pets with infographics and example imagery, all the while, include an enticing incentive for the veterinary teams

Informational Design

A trifold that tells the ugly truth about pet dental disease in a lighthearted design.


Fun Colors

The poster added a fresh pop of color when hung in the veterinary hospitals' medically-focused staff rooms.